Free Summer Series • June 3 – July 1, Mondays 6 – 7:30 • “Awakening Democracy”

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We activate the

potential of the individual

to create good

in their world.

The School of Statesmanship, Stewardship, and Service (SOSSAS) is a learning environment that activates individual human potential, elevates leadership skills, grows social-emotional intelligence, improves communication skills, and ultimately creates a future we all want to live into.

What if we had…

Statespeople who were adept at harmonizing contrasting perspectives.

Elected officials whose approach to communication appealed to different minds and personalities.

Community leaders who connect with others to transcend the rhetoric that keeps us stuck in conflict.

Community connectors who viewed the world, neighborhoods, and people through the lens of goodness.

Active, engaged citizens who believe life-giving  ideals of community are spawned by love, service, and belonging.

People who want to create a future – one in which we ALL want to live.

“The School of Statesmanship offers an approach that empowers anyone who aspires to be a leader – whether they choose to lead within their family, neighborhood, workplace or the larger community. This approach is truly a path toward achieving shared aspirations. We find it so important that we plan to keep our employees involved on a regular basis.”

– John Creighton, CEO, High Plains Bank

SOSSAS was founded by:

Award-Winning Teachers & Academics

Public Servants

Elected Officials

Business Leaders
Renowned Attorneys

Pulitzer Prize-Winners

Our courses are designed to create a learning environment that…

Fosters Civility, Thoughtful Discourse, and Empathetic Listening

Educates, Promotes and Encourages Active Citizenship within a Democracy

Embraces Stewardship Principles as a Basis for Leadership

And Values Experiential Wisdom

Join us in this adventure of learning, growing, and developing your capacity and skills to become an effective statesperson

The School of Statesmanship, Stewardship, and Service (SOSSAS) teaches classes that affect positive change in individuals, families, neighborhoods, towns, cities, institutions, and, especially, government.